The Upward Shift

This SHIFT is the first in a sequence of refined Shifts that will pulse Gaia, as aligned events occur. The events are direct results of these pulsating Shifts, which may be measured and recorded by instruments available on the planet Now. The Shifts occur first, triggering events, then the events align to make the next Shift happen.

There will be a minor solar flare to seal this activation in the very near future.

There will be a spike in earthquake activity globally below 5.3 on the Richter Scale in the next few weeks.

On a Starseed Level, Your communication systems with Home have been fully restored. Stargates are Now opened in the Activation area/s. You will begin to receive more memory from Your Akashic and this is to be given the utmost attention to. This tells You more of who and what You really are, and why You are here at this Time.

There will be constant fluctuations for You in Space and Time beginning Now and will be ongoing for a considerable period. You will start to witness distortions and fluctuations in objects and places, there is to be no confusion for You and You are to assist others that this starts happening to, that do not know what is happening.

History will change more frequently Now, to reflect Truth and to adjust to the Higher Timelines.

Many more of You, New Ones to what the Ascension is, will begin to receive Your Gifts/Prowess. Those of You advanced, First Wavers, have just become even stronger yet.

The Children born in the last 6 years must be educated globally in their Divine Prowess by Parents and Volunteers, beginning Now. The Children between 6 and 27 years old are required to be introduced to more of the Truth and their respective Prowess. Public school systems and University does not teach what they are required to Know, about themselves and the Truth.

Those of You not receiving Your own confirmations of the Activations success, must continue to do the inner work of ridding Your energetic fields of doubt, uncertainty, negativity and to put the rest in a bag, all fear aspects. For it is negativity/fear based energy, that separates You from Truth. Become more informed and aware of what is actually happening, and this will in turn, advance You to appreciable levels, where You will receive Your own irrefutable confirmations.

Congratulations to All!

Love and Light

Rick Jewers