Ascension, Divine Feminine, Diamond Heart - by Marilyn Todd

Ascension, Divine Feminine, Diamond Heart - by Marilyn Todd

What is its significance of this gate? During the natural course of time as we have come to know it, many spiritual gateways open and close like a perfectly rehearsed play. What is now transpiring, is the reactivation and reintegration of our new “Rose Heart” chakra, which can also be described as DHNA - “Diamond Heart Nucleus Activation.” This coincides with new crystal energy grids divinely connected to the original Rose Line. The powerful Goddess Isis closed this gate thousands upon thousands of years ago. Recently, she travelled back to the middle East to reactivate it with her own personal seal. This story would not be complete without mention of Mary Magdelaine. She is the original “Keeper of the Rose” and she celebrates all Goddess energy within the Universe as the Divine Feminine reaches its pinnacle of power today! I was shown a very powerful vision. Several minutes into my meditation while centering myself inside my heart chakra, what appeared before me was a diamond shaped portal. A tunnel of light began to form inside the diamonds, piercing through the veil at each dimension and as I counted, I ascended through the 12th dimension and into the 13th. Instinctively, I recognized this to be the long-awaited opening and activation of the Diamond Heart Gate.

This gate opening solidifies what we have all been searching for. The true Earth history is now about to reveal itself in all its glory. It takes great courage and strength to be among those chosen to seek and reveal the truth. Many unseen forces have attempted to stop this information from being downloaded to those Keepers of the Light who have the strength of character to share it with others, however, they have not been successful. Avatars, who are the protectors of “free will,” as well as Sages “warriors of God,” continue to work tirelessly behind the scenes to assure the anxiously awaited birth of the new Earth Star.

Triad time travel through these portals has now been approved for many souls who have reached specific levels of ascension consciousness. With this, the fabric of time and space that has existed for centuries has been in essence, ripped open once again. Twin flame hearts will now begin to magically reunite on the physical plane making it possible for a monumental jump in the new level of enlightenment that now exists within all dimensions of time and space. Those souls within the original Rose Line will now joyfully reunite, returning to their rightful place as a true and royal bloodline…Spirit Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters surround us with their protection, support and guidance as we venture into new planes of existence.

Marilyn Todd is a gifted reader and channel. She lives in Kelowna, British Columbia.