An Introduction to Ascension

February 12, 2016toluenelifeexperience

With Andre, Ascended Twin Flame:

From the Book ‘Terra, Transition & Telepathy’ by Christine Preston

This work provides vital information concerning the notion of ‘Ascension’ that is presently reaching a larger audience than decades ago, because of the Internet. The concept of the Ascension is a teaching that was originally received from the Ascended Masters and the Archangels who telepathically communicate with messengers, or channelers. We are familiar with the names of the mighty Beings of Light called ‘Lords of Light’ and ‘Archangels’ such as Lord Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Mother Mary, from religion and spiritual teachings because of previous dispensations and their communication with mankind. The Lords of Light – that the Archangels are – were brought into existence by the Creator to assist in the manifestation of the Divine Will in relation to our Universe, the sixth Creation, about 50 billion years ago. HOWEVER, the new paradigms about the Galactic Alignment of 2012 – the one that made sense of the mystery of the Mayan Calendar –  particularly contributed to the diffusion of the notion.

This is not about an Ascension in the theological sense of ‘going to heaven’ as it was taught in Christianity. No, it is about manifesting heaven on Earth. It is about a Transition and part of a Plan that has been master-minded by the Heavenly Hierarchy of our Galaxy because Earth has to be restored to her former Self. The ‘Ascension’ takes place through a process of Awakening, the outcome of which will be the restoration of the lost golden Age. It is about a shift in the material world dependent upon an enlightenment that will take place as a result of disclosure about the truths that have been suppressed. It is also understood as the result of a rise in vibration where the frequency of the collective of mankind is concerned. This is part of an instruction communicated by the telepathic method.

Before the Galactic Alignment of 2012 attracted attention and the notion of an ‘Ascension to a 5th dimension’ had an impact upon a new audience of followers, Joshua D. Stone, the founder of the Center for Ascension in the Light,  expected a quantum leap in consciousness to take place on December 21, 2012. He understood the coming shift as one to Christ consciousness in which we would start using the 90% of our brain that geneticists regarded as junk DNA. In 1992 Joshua Stone wrote about the end of the cycle that the Mayas identified, and his Manual on the Ascension was published in 1994.In hisComplete Ascension Manual – How to Achieve Ascension in this Lifetime, he refers to the channelings of Edgar Cayce, the Master Djwhal Khul, Ruth Montgomery, The Tibetan Foundation as well as other sources.


The concept of Ascension casts light upon the mysterious mutations that geneticists have observed in mankind’s DNA for decades. It’s an explanation for the appearance of psychic abilities, such as telepathy, which derive from the mutations, and it is the reintegration of the ‘Body of Light’into the physical body, as part of the process, that causes these transformations. Known in antiquity as the ‘Celestial Counterpart that remains in heaven when a soul incarnates’, this body of Light is none other than Christ consciousness, and its descent produces the Awakening.Its re-possession in a golden age really is the paradise that was lost. The modification of our DNA from 2 to 12 strands, as well as the formation of new chakras, in our etheric constitution, are for the reintegration of a ‘Body of Light’into the physical body to produce full consciousness. This entails the recovery of our ancient memory and the recovery of the knowledge of who we were, before we became incarnated in our present lifetime.

The number of people who claim to be able to channel messages is increasing. This is evident on the basis of the rate at which videos of channelled messages are being published on the Internet. Communication is being made possible between the ‘Company of Heaven’ and the human race because of the manifestation of psychic abilities including telepathy. I would like to draw attention to the fact that the process of telepathic communication with Beings, who exist upon a higher dimension, really is an extraordinary phenomenon and that it is strange it has not being studied in academic circles, and that it is not being recognised as a mystery in the mainstream media.

Telepathy is a method that has been used by Mighty Beings to communicate with mankind and impart a teaching for many decades, centuries, and even thousands of years. We know some of them as the Archangels of religion and spiritual teachings.Some details in ancient scriptures support the fact that it was by channeling, telepathy, or shamanic trance, that the angelic hosts imparted instruction to mankind in a remote antiquity. One example is the way Enoch spoke with his eyes opened while he was seeing a holy vision in the heavens. His journeys to the heavens were achieved in the tradition of Hermetic initiation.

In May 2014 the author discovered that she was receiving messages from the Archangels and Cosmic Beings who serve the Light. She had developed an ability for telepathic communication, and this was unexpected.

Archangel Michael and the author’s ascended twin flame have delivered a narrative concerning the solar system’s Galactic History and the reasons that mankind possesses but a short lifespan. The human DNA was tampered with at the end of the Atlantean Age. However, Terra is in transition and about to birth the Reality of the 5th Dimension.

Archangel Michael is informing us that on September 28, 2015, the Solar System entered a Stargate in the Photon belt that it penetrated in 1996. This is a vortex of energy that will accelerate an alteration of our Reality.

Preludes to the concept of Dimensions

There are ‘higher realms’ and they are the equivalent of ‘dimensions’ in Quantum Physics. Steven Hawking’s calculation of nine dimensions beyond the physical one has caused a conceptual revolution in the scientific community, as noted by the Quantum Physicist M. Kaku. But, of course, there are a lot more dimensions above the 5th one.

In the religious tradition these higher realms are known as celestial abodes. In the apocryphal Book of Enoch, as well as the works of Thoth, who was known to the Greeks as Hermes, is found a concept of many heavens that are equivalent to dimensions, and not just one ‘heaven’ as in Christianity.

The notion that the Earth was going to be lifted up to a ‘Fifth Dimension’ had something in common with what the Hopi Indians called the ‘Fifth World.’ There also was the idea that astrological configurations could trigger a leap in consciousness to a new kind of human being with a luminous body.

As a prelude to the notion that emerged before 2012, the theory of Hyperspace suggested that dimensions exist beyond the known ones of space and time. It was used as a platform for stories in television series and science fiction novels. The concept of ascending from one dimension to a higher one was also popularized through the ‘Stargate’ science-fiction TV series.


The Mayan Calendar and Galactic Alignment Stories

It was in 2012 that the notion of Ascension reached the public through the mainstream media, although people who were interested in the spiritual field had been familiar with the concept for many decades. The media latched on to the story that some people expected an end of the world on December 21, 2012, following the discovery that one of the Mayan calendars ended on that date.

Just before December 21, 2012 Geoff Stray appeared on TV interviews. He had carried out a compilation of myths and traditions leading to the conclusion that the date may be the most pivotal time in modern history. However, in previous decades some researchers had already proposed astronomical alignments for the mystery that Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, kept a tradition concerning some events that would occur on, or around, December 21, 2012. The end-date was for a cycle of 5,126 years in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Some Mayanist scholars had, however, argued that the end scenario was a modern invention. Astronomers also rejected the doomsday scenarios as pseudoscience.

Some researchers had linked the case of the calendar to the apocalyptic scenario of the Book of Revelation and made assumptions, but it was arguable that the biblical predictions foretold the dawning of an age when the forces that have subjugated humanity would be eliminated, NOT the end of the world. What appeared to be an ominous date, in fact, signaled ‘new beginnings’ and we had reached an end of cycle in universal history.

Several TV documentaries used the doomsday idea set in 2012, to discuss theories. Novels that included the notion were written.Some theories suggested an encounter with the planet Nibiru which the readers of Zecharia Sitchin’s book The Twelth Planet (1976) had become familiar with.

In New Age literature the Mayan date was tied to the procession of the Equinoxes in which, over the course of 25,800 years, the Sun’s path completes a full 360-degree backward rotation through the zodiac. The Sun is moving back into Aquarius and that signals the end of the astrological age of Pisces.  John Major Jenkins had said that the Sun would be aligned with the Galactic Equator at the 2012 winter solstice, and that the Mayas had anticipated this conjunction, and celebrated it as a time of spiritual transition for mankind.

Other interpreters had stated that the end of the Mayan Calendar marked the end of a cosmic cycle of evolution of 25,860 years representing the approximate time our Solar System takes to revolve around the Pleiades – as well as Sirius, its greater parent Sun – as our system is the 8th Star System of the Pleiades. This cycle of 25,860 years was said to be part of a greater one of 206 million years. Jim Hurtak had also predicted that Earth would enter a fifth dimension.

CHRISTINE: During May of 2014 I discovered that I was developing telepathic abilities and I started receiving communications from Archangel Michael, as well as my ascended twin flame and other sources such as the beloved Sanat Kumara, and Jesus the Christ, and also, Saint Germain. On April 4, 2015,  the Defender in Battle, who protects mankind from the dark forces, asked me to mention that he has requested that I write this book.  They have asked me to share knowledge about the Path of Ascension, as well as the fulfillment of a million of years old prophecy concerning the Earth’s key role in Galactic destiny.

I have been told that I am being coached to serve as ‘a messenger’ for the Great White Brotherhood, Archangels and Cosmic Beings who serve with the Galactic Federation of Light. This was from April 2014 and continues in 2016.

There is a multitude of Councils, Orders, and Administrations in Heaven, in the highest and holy realms. The Divine Will is like a super hologram containing a divine blueprint in which realities take shape. One of the objectives of creation is the unfoldment of the potential of physicality, so that is how the material Universe came into existence. However, during a period of millions of years, our Galaxy was disturbed by the attacks and conspiracies of an alliance of dark beings that opposed the Divine Plan. They were the cause of what was represented in biblical Scripture as ‘the Fall.’ The ability of the dark to distort truth caused mankind to descend into a frequency of vibration that was lower than the dimension upon which physicality had originally been intended to exist. Archangel Michael takes the view that it was an accident, and this becomes clear in his statements about our Galactic History and his ancient Prophecy concerning the Earth. We descended into duality and the third dimension following a series of declines after the golden age of Lemuria. Ascension was known and attempted in antiquity as well as the Age of Atlantis. At one time it represented an escape from the 3rd dimension as Ascension was achieved after death.

After all hell broke loose in the ancient world of the Age of Atlantis, the souls of mankind reincarnated into bodies with a DNA that had been downgraded. The Anunnaki, who were the administrators of civilization on the earthly plane for a time which has now ended, tampered with the human DNA 13,000 years ago, in order to narrow down mankind's spectrum of consciousness. This had the effect of reducing the human lifespan as well as the manifestations of diseases and death.

There is an interpretation concerning the ‘Judgment’ as a time when the karma accumulated over a cosmic cycle of about 25,860 years is returned to be balanced. The debt of karma has repeatedly been avoided, but it was decreed that December 21, 2012 would mark the end of this certain dark cosmic cycle when karma had to be balanced. That is why the vials of the Seven Last Plagues of the book of Revelation represent a return of collective karma.

The notion of the Ascension has been received from higher-dimensional sources, i.e. the Ascended Masters, Archangels, the Spiritual Hierarchy of our Solar System, as well as Galactic Mentors who present themselves as our brothers and sisters, or Star family, because we have inherited their DNA.

The channeling technique has contributed vital information regarding Earth’s hidden history and the fact that a large fleet of starships is present in the Solar System to assist Earth and humanity through the Ascension to the 5th Dimension. There is a fleet that is part of ‘Ashtar Command.’ It is the airborne division of the spiritual hierarchy working under the direction of Commander Ashtar, in the Galactic Federation of Light. This fleet exists upon higher dimensions than the levels of the one upon which we do.


Changes since 2012

Some people may have been confused when they woke up on December 22, 2012 as to whether anything had happened to the world. However, on May 12, 2013, a channeled message elucidated the mystery. Ashtar, who serves the most Radiant One, the Christ, explained through Elizabeth Trutwin that on December 12, 2012 a rare cosmic alignment created a passageway for the transmission of energy into the Milky Way Galaxy from the Galactic Centre, and that pulses of this energy activated the formation of 12 strands of DNA in mankindThis DNA change is in relation to the Reintegration of the Light Body, and the message was in agreement with what Satya, a Pleiadian being, had said through Barbara Hand Clow, i.e. that the passage of the Earth through a photon belt in 2012 would modify our DNA, as well as cause the disappearance of the third dimension. But there was insufficient understanding about the process of Ascension at the time and, Yes, the third dimension was to disappear but not in the way that was expected. Prior to December 2012, Sheldan Nidle had also stated in You Are Becoming a Galactic Human (1994) and in Your First Contact (2000) (as well as other works) that the atoms of our bodies would be modified and that the process of integration of the Light body involves a modification of our RNA/DNA to a 12-strand one, as well as the development of extra chakras.

The dawn of a New Age was prophesied and although humanity is not aware of it yet, some invisible powers have already done their magic and transformed the RNA/DNA protein strings of the human genes. The human DNA is mutating and it is the reason that people are developing telepathic abilities. The physical body is being transfigured into a lighter kind of vehicle for the soul – a more suitable one to exist upon a higher dimension of being – one that is not carbon-based but crystalline. The grandiose events that have already taken place will open the door to a new Reality.

We are prodigiously achieving an acceleration in consciousness, and yet the latter has remained a mystery to materialist Science. With the revelations concerning Ascension there is a promise of immortality, of possessing an angelic nature, as well as infinite wisdom. Archangel Michael has told me that the residents of the higher dimensions are euphoric now because the Prophecy he gave many millions of years agois well on the way of being fulfilled.

Not only is this about destiny but there is a need for disclosure about the suppressed ‘history’ of mankind and of the Earth. Our Solar System and our Galaxy, have been the scenes of many drama and tragedies. As Archangel Michael has told me, the Pleiadeanhistory was much worse than what is represented in the Science-fiction series ‘Galactica.’ He was referring to pre-Lemurian days after Hybornea was colonised. This was when a disaster occurred in relation to the first Sirian colony. It was attacked and decimated. The Forces of the Light recovered control of the Solar System until about 300,000 years ago. Then, to cut a long story short, Ascension had to be aborted in the age of Atlantis due to a premature use by magicians of the black art, of psychic powers. During a period of decline the powers that some Atlanteans inherited from their divine progenitors were misused. Then all hell broke loose in the Old World due to a conspiracy to oppose the Divine Plan of Ascension. In its rebirth, after the Atlantean era, the human race’s spectrum of consciousness was also reduced because the misuse of psychic powers had contributed to the downfall of civilization.

Sheldan Nidle has taught for many years that mankind is being readied for its return to full consciousness. The Reintegration of the Light Body will reverse the modifications made to mankind’s DNA. The divine plans made several millions of years ago are now reaching their goals.

We have been protected by our local spiritual ‘hierarchy’ and the Angelic Kingdom, but they have had a monumental task to help us because Cosmic Law forbade interference and restricted interventions due to our freewill. Recently our guardians have been joined by a multitude of Extra-terrestrial civilizations from various parts of the Universe to provide assistance.  We have been irradiated with Love and Light by more than a million plasma star-ships with the result that we are being elevated from our limited consciousness and are awakening. The intensity of the photonic Light we are being irradiated with is very powerful. We owe our survival to giant higher dimensional ships which have been diffusing light and buffeting it, thereby permitting more of us to absorb it.

Our local spiritual hierarchy has never left. Its members have been with us for eons on higher dimensions and this is why we have rarely been able to perceive them with our 3rd dimensional senses.

Our Galactic elder brothers and sisters would like our governments to disclose the fact that they are friendly. The Galactics are not like the Extra-terrestrials portrayed in our science-fiction movies. They are like the heavenly host of the Bible. The discovery that ‘we are not alone’ will of course have a profound impact upon humanity, so our Star family is proceeding very slowly and carefully. They say they do not wish to create any disruption around the world. They have no intention whatsoever to take us over, or to cause us fear, so they are proceeding with Disclosure carefully. The suppression of truth will have to be exposed. We have been kept in the dark about many things. The story goes that the cabal has attempted to prevent disclosure from taking place because it will cause them to lose power over humanity.  The release of new technologies has also been carefully planned to create the least disruption.  There will be a shift of new governance with a distribution of funds as a temporary measure for a period of transition. The situation of inequality in wealth, and people starving in some places in the world is something that should end. A series of Events leading to these new conditions will mark the beginning of the creation of a new world which is often referred to as the ‘Golden Age of Gaia.’

The significance of 2012 to 2017, in relation to what is going on behind the scene of what is presented by the media, is that we are now emerging from a long soul enslavement.
Our culture is on the brink of becoming cosmic. The new age, that is Aquarian from an Astrological point of view,  is often referred to as the ‘Golden Age of Gaia’ and our next evolutionary step is to become a galactic society.  It is one in which harmony and peace will reign. The effects of the Ascension will be joy, longevity, and perfect health. Our bodies will have become crystalline-based at cellular level, or silicone, instead of carbon-based. We are mutating as we are forming extra strands of DNA and extra chakras, and are recovering Memory. We are discovering our real identities and connection with our higher Self. At a higher level of the 5th Dimension we will exist in an eternal NOW.